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The best systems are built on a foundation that sets the framework

and cornerstone of your company’s growth.

In the business world, we know this very well.


But knowing is only part of the equation.

For any company seeking to maximize profits and remain competitive, they need a reliable blueprint to create a structure for success.


Without that you get expensive reworks, missed deadlines and deliveries, and unnecessary losses.


  • TAS™ transforms your company culture by providing a reliable blueprint for success.

  • It provides tools and simple concepts that create trust in employee and client relationships.

  • This transparency and accountability will lead to positive business growth.

  • TAS™ understands the burden on CEOs and executive teams in ensuring an organization's success.

  • The accountability system boosts efficiency and productivity, saving time and money.

  • TAS™ will help build your organizational structure for Total Accountability and growth.


Are you ready?

Let TAS™ help, as we have with over 4,000 companies,  build your accountability foundation.

It’s time to bring Total Accountability to your company and watch the growth it creates.



From humble roots to a 40 -year consulting career worldwide, Mike has seen it all and understands what it’s like to want more from your company and your employees. He and everyone at TAS have the skills to help you get there.

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