Domino Theory means WORKING TOGETHER!

Feb 22, 2023

 As a child, I loved to play dominos. Children often use the domino tiles to form intricate patterns, then they knock a tile down, and see the energy expelled knocking the next tile down and so on. What do dominos have to do with an accountable culture?  Everything.

Like dominos, your workforce can have more than one function and when they work together as planned, they create an energy that carries through from one work project to the next. When they succeed, they succeed together. When they fail, you can spot the issue, just like in dominos. It’s in the success of them working together as a unit where the totally accountable culture drives revenues forward.

How can a company profit from an accountable culture?

When your employees do what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it, as they said they would. As an accountable culture is created and supported, profits naturally follow because each employee, each department, and each business unit do their job as expected so the next in line can do their jobs as well, much like a line of dominos.

When a domino piece is missing from the line, nothing moves forward. Similarly in the real world, when part of a project is missing, the progress stops. People get frustrated and lose trust in the process because they can’t rely on the group. Before you know it, your organization will have missed deadlines, rework, and lower customer satisfaction, which is when profits start to decline.

Can a company profit from an accountable culture? Yes, with everyone fulfilling their role in the process, your company can profit from an accountable culture in a way far exceeding domino theory.