In the Race for Success, It’s Accountability for the Win!

Jan 10, 2023

I used to run marathons. Incredible experience. It’s the way that the body comes together in a uniform way to fulfill the undertaking of a long road race. My neighbor asked me about my running days and I showed him how to pump his arms, measure the length of his stride, the power of posture in the shoulders. By focusing how the entire body works together more effectively, the parts of the body function like a team.  

When an organization communicates effectively with things like due dates, verbal confirmation of expectations, and has methods in place to avoid work surprises, the business runs more efficiently.  It’s like training for a marathon. All the parts must work together to complete the race, especially if you’re in it to win it. 

The parts of your body work together so you can rely on them equally, because if you favor one body part over another you can negatively impact performance or even hurt yourself. The same applies to work. 

 When your team is reliable and in synch, and there is no longer a need to shift work away from weak links. Workloads can spread out more evenly and employees are accountable, which translates into a winning scenario.  

 For the past thirty-five years, I have worked with thousands of companies. At TAS we conduct accountability training workshops and host online tutorials to meet any organization’s needs. We have found that a culture of total accountability is the secret to a more profitable and successful team.  

 The race is a long one, but to win the race, total accountability must be applied and practiced every day, by everyone. Runners run every day. Athletes train even on their day off. It’s part of who they are. Total accountability is no different.  


The quickest way for progress to halt is by allowing the habits of total accountability to become relaxed. Remember, the business didn’t hire non-accountable people. They became that way because the business tolerated that behavior. So from the top down, non-accountable behavior cannot be allowed to drag down progress. At the end of the race, each of your employees becomes your best employee.